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Where can I find the custom voice script and model files?
The files are normally located inside the following folders: \"Documents and Settings\" > \"All Users\" > \"Documents\">\"Reallusion\". The default path is: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Documents\\Reallusion- Model data is located under Custom\\CrazyTalk7 ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2013-07-28 Views: 580
How do I export the video with the actor only coupled with the transparent background?
For Windows OS: - 1) Ref:, at \"Exporting Image\" page. 2) Please export the \"image\" in \"sequence\" with either \"TGA\" or \"PNG\" format. 3) Then use video editing software, eg: Photoshop, Premiere & ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2013-07-23 Views: 653
How to adjust my imported audio clips to the at least maximum supported length of the project?
FYI, the default length for each project is 2000 frames & the maximum frame number can be set is 27000 (15 minutes).  By the way, you need to adjust Time Settings if ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2013-07-11 Views: 882
How many simultaneous heads can I animate in CrazyTalk7?
You may only animate one head at a time. ...
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-12-07 Views: 659
Why are my character’s lips not properly synched to my audio file?
Please make sure that your audio file does not contain any loud background music as this may affect the accuracy of the lip synchronization....
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-12-07 Views: 538

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