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How can I purchase a Backup DVD?
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We understand that some of our installers are quite large and can be time-consuming to download. We therefore offer the option of backup DVD version when you purchase some of our electronic download products. The downloaded product can be used immediately, while the DVD will be delivered to you by mail in a few days.


To protect the environment, and reduce hassles, we only create one Universal Backup DVD that contains full version copies of all Reallusion programs. When you purchase a program, you will be emailed a unique Serial key to unlock that specific program. The DVD does not include your unique Serial key. If you already bought a Backup DVD from the Reallusion store in the past 6 months, then you do not need to buy it again.


Click here to purchase it now!

(Note: This is only for English Version. You will be lead to Element5 shopping cart, and place a separate order for a Backup DVD.)


This Backup DVD contains the following applications:
- CrazyTalk Animator PRO/ Standard/ Trial
- CrazyTalk7 PRO (Windows)/ Standard (Windows)/ Trial
- iClone5 PRO/ Standard/ Trial
- iClone 3DXchange5 PRO/ Standard/ Trial
- iClone Mocap Device Plug-in Full
- popVideo Converter 2 Full/ Trial
- FaceFilter3 PRO Full/ Trial


Please note:


1. The DVD will be produced and mailed within 24 hours after payment has been received. Postal delivery can take 10-15 business days within the EU and the US, and 15-25 business days to other countries/regions.


2. Merchandise exported to any country outside of the EU and the USA may be subject to customs duty. The recipient of the merchandise is responsible for any duty or taxes levied. Please contact the customs office in your country for detailed information.


Last update: 05:04 AM Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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