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"Reallusion program does not support virtual machine installation" error returned though I was not installed on Virtual Machine. (For iClone5, iClone 3DXchange5, CrazyTalk7, FaceFilter3)
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This is known issue for Windows 8 in which the Hyper-V windows feature is turned on.  You may have Hyper-V as part of the Windows Phone SDK or Windows 8 Pro version is turned on Hyper-V by default. 
Anyway, if your system has Hyper-V turned on, please help to disable it before you install Reallusion program & enabled it back after you've installed Reallusion program.
You may verify it as per below steps: -
1) Disable Hyper-V, steps on how to,
2) Install Reallusion program.
3) Enable Hyper-V, same link as above on how to.

Last update: 05:09 AM Monday, September 9, 2013

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