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iClone doesn't recognize my Kinect, when trying the MoCap device either get initialization error or openNl.dll/Kinect10.dll is missing.
The most common cause of issues with the Mocap Device Plugin is the use of the wrong version of the plugin or when you have installed more than one plugin.   ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2013-09-14 Views: 9791
Why doesn't my Mocap device plug-in connect successfully?
Please take note that the Mocap device plug-in has two versions; the Mocap device plug-in version and the Mocap device plug-in (MS beta) version. The Mocap device plug-in (MS beta)  version is ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-01-31 Views: 3259
How to switch the driver between PrimeScense(OpenNI) and Micorsoft SDK(Beta)?
 How to setup a driver from PrimeSense(OpenNI) to Microsoft SDK driver? 1. Please first install the Mocap Device Plug-in v1.1(MS Beta) and iClone version 5.1 above. 2. Open the Control Panel, ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2012-01-30 Views: 6565
How do I set up mocap device and connect it to iClone5?
1) Please make sure that your device is ready. (The USB port is connected and power supply is plugged in)   Step1: The Kinect sensor must be connected to the Kinect adapter     (Kinect PC Adapter like this ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-23 Views: 10387
Can the hands/fingers be tracked by Reallusion's Mocap Device?
No, not yet. The current SDK limits tracking, but a future upgrade is already in the works which will allow for hand tracking.  ...
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-13 Views: 1147
What about head tracking?
Head tracking is currently not implemented as of yet, but it is being developed for a near-future upgrade....
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-13 Views: 1007
Can I use two or three Kinect cameras with the Mocap Device?
No, not yet. The current version only supports one Kinect sensor at a time....
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-13 Views: 1122
Can I mix a Kinect camera with other cameras in the multi-camera set-up?
No, not yet. Current version only supports one Kinect sensor OR a non-Kinect multi-camera set-up. ...
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-13 Views: 1035
The Device Mocap panel has a "Network" option. How does this network option work?
 If the Depth camera sensor is installed on another computer on a network, then you can choose this “Network” setting. Simply type in the IP Address of the computer operating the ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-13 Views: 1157
While installing the Mocap Device Plugin I get the error message ".NET Framework 2.0 is required. Please install the .NET Framework then run this installer again. “
Error message To solve this, you need to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) found at:
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-11-13 Views: 1234
When I click the connect button of Mocap device plug-in, "65565: Device not found" message is displayed. How do I fix this issue?
When you click the connect button, but encounter the message as shown below. This message means that your device is not ready. Please check the following steps to solve it: (1) Please  make sure that you ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-10-21 Views: 6531
When first time open the Mocap Device Plug-in, the security message alert warning ?
Since the Mocap device is a TCP/IP server, so the Windows Firewall will alert it For Windows XPPlease click the \"Unlock\" button to accept it For Windows7 Please click the \"Allow ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-09-23 Views: 1363

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