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Compatable Chart between iClone and 3DXchange.
iClone Version 3DXchange Version iClone4.0 V4.0 iClone3.0 v2.0 iclone2.5 v2.0 iClone2.1 v1.0 iClone2.1 SE v1.0 iClone2.1 Edu v1.0 iClone2.0 v1.0 iClone2.0 v1.0 No iClone v1.0 or v4.0...
Not Rated Last Update: 2011-06-02 Views: 1194
Can I import SketchUp (Free/PRO) 7 generated .skp files into iClone 3DXchange?
Yes, 3DXchange 4.1 can now support Sketchup 6, 7 and 8....
Last Update: 2010-12-09 Views: 867
Why can't my iClone load files exported from 3DXchange4.1 (Why can't my 3DXchange4 load files exported from iClone4.3)?
This is because iClone4.3 enhanced the DRM content file structure. This makes the DRM data loading more efficient. iClone and 3DXchange need to both be upgraded or you need to keep the old versions of iClone ......
●● Last Update: 2010-08-12 Views: 922
Why is the Export OBJ option grayed out when I try to export to OBJ format?
The Export OBJ option will be grayed out if your object is a DRM content (Protected content), and it is a static mesh. Even if you have already verified your content ......
Last Update: 2010-03-30 Views: 882
After receiving a message that some data may be lost, how much data will I really lose when editing and exporting?
• Load:  - If the original prop or avatar contains timeline animation (created by the iClone Timeline Editor), then it will be removed when loading into 3DXchange. • Make sub-prop:  - ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 776
Why do I get this error message-”Replace Model Failed “, when using Argile to sculpt an object?
Since Argile cannot recognize a changed vertex, make sure that you do not check on the “Auto-Smooth” and “Weld Vertex” functions before exporting an .OBJ file....
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 713
Why does it show an error after clicking Perform, when I convert a prop with embedded perform animations to non-human character?
This problem is caused by the iAvatar name which does not use double space in the new avatar name....
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 767
How to edit a prop motion when I imported a non-Human character from 3DXchange?
To edit a prop motion in iClone just follow the steps below:1. To begin, remove the first Transform key and Perform clip in the iClone Timeline Editor before you do motion ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 772
How many input/ output file formats does 3DXchange4 support?
Version/ File format Input Output Standard .iProp .iAvatar .VNS .3DS .OBJ .SKP .iProp .iAvatar .iMotion .OBJ PRO .iProp .iAvatar .VNS .3DS .OBJ .SKP .FBX .iProp .iAvatar .iMotion .OBJ...
Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 1078
Why do some faces become abnormal when using “Flip Face Mode” to flip faces?
This problem happens because some angles cannot be flipped. You can click on the “Auto-Smooth” button to fix this....
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 747
Why do I sometimes get motion shakes when I convert an FBX file from Maya to iClone?
This problem is caused by an FBX file format compatible issue. Please check the FBX file in other tools such as 3D Max, Character Studio, or DAZ3D…etc. If the FBX file ......
Not Rated Last Update: 2010-03-22 Views: 812

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