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How to Register Member/Product, Download Bonus Content & Upgrade?
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1) Please goto Reallusion member page @ & click "Create Account". 
If you already have a Reallusion member account, please login directly & skip to step 5 for product registration, whereas step 7 for bonus/patch downloads.
2) Complete the Reallusion Member application form.
3) Once submitted the application form, you'll soon receive Reallusion Membership Activation email in the email account you've just provided.  In order to complete your registration, please click the link states in the email to activate your account.  Besides, do add our website to the list of "Trusted sites" in your Internet Options. If you have any member activation issues, please email to
4) After activate your account, please login your member account.
5) In Member Welcome page, please input your product serial number for registration.
Note: If you purchase from App Stores, then you do not need to register the product through a serial number since App Stores do not provide serial number.  The product will automatically be registered under your account once you finished the Bonus Pack download process.
6) You may get serial number in hand by open your Reallusion application.  After the application has launched, please click the "Help" button or "?" icon on the top right corner & select "About ..." either without or with the application name.
7) After registering your product, Product Information page will be displayed where you can find the bonus/patch downloads section for the product you bought.  You may click the download link accordingly. 
Once you've registered your product, you'll automatically become our Premium member.
8) For next log in, you'll be able to view your registered product(s).
A few options available: -
i) "Resend" Serial Number is to have the product's serial number send directly to your email account.
ii) "Download" link is to redownload the program installation file.
iii) "Patch/Bonus" under More Info column is to display the Product Information page with Patch, Upgrade & Bonus content available to be downloaded. 

Last update: 04:09 AM Thursday, March 20, 2014

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